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Your event.

Our insight and delivery.

About Zest Buzz

We start at the very beginning – a blank canvas, your event strategy, goals and objectives looming on the horizon.


We visualise every conference production as a ‘ mini business.’


Our insight from event inception to delivery will guide you every step of the way towards event success.


Christine Barr, Founder and Managing Director, Zest Buzz Limited.

Recent Summit Production

The Conduct of Cyber-Enabled Information Operations and the Undermining of Democracies: Government Representation. 19th March 2019. 1000 to 1600. London.


The disinformation scenario included: deception, ideology and cyberspace operations.


Panel event for defense contractors, government and cyber security professionals responsible for the protection of information and national security.


The Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI) and Zest Buzz Limited were honoured to be hosting a realistic scenario-based panel in the city of London, covering the knowledge and skill sets used by adversaries to conduct disinformation and deception operations. The panel had the intent of creating dialogue focused on the capability of modern adversaries’ abilities to disrupt decision making at the highest echelons of national security.


View the summit website here


Watch the video here

Our service offerings

Every conference has its ‘own story.’ It’s created and sculpted into its own brand and the brand developed to attract industry recognition.  People come together to share knowledge, talk, express and inspire each other within a focused and authentic environment.  Let’s guide you all or part of the way with our service offerings.

We’ve worked with some great people – let’s talk!

We’ve been honoured to work with an array of people in our business, creating never-ending memories.

 I’ve loved working with Christine and her team in the past and I look forward to working with Zest Buzz on many more events into the future. 


Julia Bradbury
TV Presenter and Co-founder of

 Zest Buzz Limited is a first rate conference planning company which brings a level of innovation, vision and commitment.


The company is a pleasure to work with and has an infectious commitment to delivering targets and exceeding expectations. 



Marc Beveridge
Regional Lead EPRR and Sustainability, Public Health England, UK

 Zest Buzz Limited’s creative thinking, expertise, positive can-do attitude and drive as an organiser of conferences has made the company an absolute pleasure to work with.


Continually delivering results, going above and beyond in providing exceptional service and support, showing genuine integrity and respect as a service provider. 


Nahim Fazal
Head of Cyber Security International Business Development at Blueliv, Spain

 Zest Buzz Limited is one of the most energetic conference production companies I have ever had the opportunity to work with!


The company is one of action with great business capabilities and skills.  I was honored to be able to work with Zest Buzz and to learn from its insights.  




Paul De Souza
Founder President, CSFI – Cyber Security Forum Initiative, USA

 I am writing to thank you for your wonderful support in making our national conference such a success. It has been a genuine pleasure to work with you on the planning and execution of this important conference in the National Parks calendar. There is something special about working with someone who is prepared to understand, share and then reflect the professionalism and attention to detail I needed to make the whole conference work. You did that and have completed an excellent and much appreciated job both for me and the National Park world. 


Bob Cartwright
Director of Park Services (Retired) at Lake District National Park Authority, UK

 A leader in the conference production arena, Zest Buzz Limited. Having the opportunity to be a part of an Emergency Planning Summit in the North of England I was pleasantly surprised with how Christine kept me fully informed of any changes, updates, or priorities with my schedule at the conference given I was travelling from the U.S.A. She engages with applomb, well beyond what is expected. 


Edward Gibson
 Risk Management, J.D., CISSP, CFE, FBCS, (Ret.) FBI Special Agent, USA

 In recent years I have lectured in places as far apart as Canberra, Australia, Tokyo, Japan, Oslo, Norway, Copenhagen, Denmark, Norfolk, Virginia, USA and Dublin, Eire. I was also for many years a regular lecturer at the Canadian Emergency Preparedness College and the Canadian Police College. Needless to say I am very aware that the quality of technical support for speakers varies a great deal. However, I had forgotten just how great it is to have outstanding technical back-up until a recent lecture at the Emergency Planning Society in Coventry. Just as one example, for the first time in more than a decade the staff took the time to work on and improve my visuals. During the dinner at that conference I made a point of finding Christine to tell her how impressed I was. 


The Late Professor Joseph Scanlon
Professor Emeritus and Director of the Emergency Communications Research Unit (ECRU) at Carleton University in Ottowa, Canada

 I travelled from Colorado to attend, and speak at, The Emergency Planning Society Conference and Exhibition. The conference arrangements pre, during and post conference were exemplary. Christine and her team displayed meticulous conference planning techniques and this, combined with warm hospitality, contributed towards one of the most successful conferences I have ever attended internationally. 


Michael Brown

Former Under Secretary of Homeland Security, FEMA Director, Public Speaker – Michael Brown Today, On Air Personality – The Michael Brown Show, USA

Our blog

We love to share knowledge through our blog. And it’s fun!

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AllA blank canvas. Set your strategy, goals and objectivesDo the financials and protect your cash flowSource the venue and liaise with the venue management teamCreate, manage and update the brandLaunch your programme and speakersSecure your sponsors and exhibitorsAttract and register your attendees and guestsPlan your stage and technical requirementsStage and manage your on-site event operationsManage the post event survey and analyse


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