Don Eijndhoven, CEO of Argent Consulting (Netherlands). - Zest Buzz
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Don Eijndhoven, CEO of Argent Consulting (Netherlands).


As a globally interconnected society we´ve only barely begun to realize the social, historical and cultural implications of having access to the collective written knowledge of humanity, at any time or place of our choosing. Thanks to digital devices such as the cellphone, the tablet or the laptop the world is at our fingertips whenever we want it to be. Integration between our daily lives and this technology is still increasing exponentially. Because of that, it’s not unexpected to see more and more of aspects of the human experience move to the digital domain. In this respect, the vague but much-encompassing term of ‘cyber’ will have massive implications for our socio-cultural development.” – Don Eijndhoven

Don Eijndhoven is the CEO of Argent Consulting, a strategic management consultancy firm that specializes in Cyber Security. He has over 18 years of experience in IT and Cyber Security working as an interim CISO, enterprise security architect and thought leader. He is passionate about cyber security, online privacy, digital geopolitics, and warfare in the digital domain. With a long and involved career at the front of Cyber developments, combined with a love for the spoken and written word, he is known for his ability to reduce complex technical matters to concepts readily understandable for all to understand. This makes him greatly valued as a speaker and lecturer at conferences and educational institutes.

Don is a guest lecturer at Nyenrode Business University and works closely with various international think-tank’s to resolve complex issues in the Cyber domain. He writes for various technology-oriented websites and magazines and speaks at major conferences on subjects such as digital espionage and warfare, crime on the internet, identity fraud and the international politics surrounding Cyber.

Lastly, Don is the founder of the Dutch Cyber Warfare Community (DCWC), a Dutch network organization with close to 2000 members with the mission of making the Netherlands digitally safe.